Guidelines and criteria for the submission of full papers at EGOS Colloquia

First of all: the uploading of your full paper will be only sucessful if you use the same EGOS number + password which you used to submit your short paper!

Your full paper should comprise approx. 25–30 pages, according to the following format: 

  • 12 pt, Times New Roman or Arial 
  • margin left/right: 2.5 cm
  • line spacing: 1.5

Please do not forget to indicate your name – respectively, the name/s of the co-author/s –, affiliation(s) and email address(es) at the top of your full paper.

To upload your full paper for presentation in your sub-theme at the 28th EGOS Colloquium in Helsinki, please follow the following instructions:

  • Please log in to your "MyEGOS" of the EGOS website ( using your member number and your password. 
  • Click on "MyEGOS Home". 
  • Click on the link "Full Paper Upload/Modify" within the box "28th EGOS Colloquium, Helsinki 2012". 
  • Please enter, in the spaces provided, the full title of your paper using upper and lower-case letters – i.e. "Pride and prejudice", not "Pride and Prejudice" or "PRIDE AND PRE-JUDICE" – and any further comments you may have for your convenors. Please note that the title entered here will be printed in the official Colloquium program! 
  • If you want your paper to be considered for the EGOS Best Paper Award and/or EGOS Best Student Paper Award 2012, please tick the corresponding box. 
  • Please also enter the names of your co-authors. To do this, enter the last name of your co-author and click on the "search for member" button. Select the correct name from the next page, tick the box "member will attend the Colloquium" and click on the "Add Co-Author" button. Repeat this step for each co-author. 
  • If your co-authors are not attending the Colloquium, but you would like their names to appear in the official program, you can also add their details in the space provided. 
  • Upload your file by clicking on the "Browse" button and selecting the file from your computer. Please note that we would prefer you to upload .pdf files, although .doc, .docx and .rtf files will also be accepted. 
  • Click on the "Upload (new) Full Paper" button. If your upload has been successful, you will be taken to a new window and will receive an email confirming your upload. 
  • When you click on "MyEGOS Home", you will see that the name of your full paper will be listed under the heading "28th EGOS Colloquium, Helsinki 2012". If you click on the title of your full paper, you will be taken to a window summarizing the details you have submitted. You can also download or delete your paper.


Guidelines – Submission of full papers

Last, but not Least:

If you are presenting your paper at – i.e. are participating in the EGOS Colloquium 2012 in Helsinki – you must be an "active" EGOS member.

This means that your EGOS membership fee must have already been paid before registering for the main Colloquium in Helsinki!


For more information on how to renew or to register your EGOS membership, please see here


Once you have paid your EGOS membership fee, you can then proceed to register for the Colloquium in Helsinki.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Angelika Zierer

EGOS Executive Secretariat