Getting to Cagliari Sustainably


Last year, EGOS has taken place in a location (Vienna) where traveling by train has clearly been the most sustainable travel option. 21% of EGOSians have used this option, saving about 188 tons of CO2 compared to coming by plane. Another 203 tons of CO2 could be saved by about 5% of participants joining the Vienna conference remotely thanks to new hybrid participation options (for more detailed figures, please click here).
This year, given the island location of Cagliari, avoiding air travel by taking the train and a ferry has a comparatively lower effect on CO2 emissions than in other locations. In other words, flying becomes a comparatively less negative option regarding CO2 emissions. However, as in previous years, we have compiled some important rules of thumb regarding sustainable travel (see below). Furthermore, we provide several scenarios comparing the CO2 emissions of flying to Cagliari with alternative means of travel. Finally, we have significantly expanded virtual participation options from 7 to 21 hybrid sub-themes. Note that most emissions savings of the Vienna Colloquium resulted from the use of virtual participation options!

Some rules of thumb for sustainable travel to Cagliari (for more detailed information, please click here):

  • Maybe counterintuitively, the smaller the distance to Cagliari (e.g. from Rome), the lower the emissions savings from taking the train/ferry compared to flying. In addition, there are (difficult to quantify) negative effects for biodiversity associated with ships, whereas radiative forcing resulting from airplanes is relatively low in short-distance flights that do not rise high up in the air.

  • The higher the distance (e.g. Vienna or Brussels), the more emissions can be saved from traveling by train/ferry. However, this mode of slow travel is surely not an option for everyone given the extended travel duration. Note that emissions savings only manifest when car travel is avoided on such trips.

  • When flying, try to book a direct flight and consider taking a connecting train to an airport in your wider region that offers direct flights to Cagliari. Book soon, as Sardinia is a popular holiday location.

  • When flying, emissions can be saved by considering the airline and the efficiency of aircrafts (for more details, please click here).

  • Consider virtual participation if you participate in one of the 21 hybrid sub-themes.