Post-Colloquium Industry Workshop

Framing and Classification in Organizations

Saturday, July 9, 14:00–16:00

Location: H-CG-salen



Peer C. Fiss, University of Southern California, USA

Mark Kennedy, University of Southern California, USA

Joeri M. Mol, University of Melbourne, Australia



There is an emerging scholarly literature that is ensconced in the idea that framing and classification matter. During this workshop, we hope to initiate a lively discussion between practitioners and academics about how theory can inform practice - and vice versa: What is the importance of framing and categories for branding and marketing campaigns? How do framing and meaning-making feature in creating cultural movements? How do marketing agencies frame themselves vis-à-vis their competitors?


We explore these issues with executives from StrawberryFrog, one of the leading marketing agencies headquartered in New York.