ACCESS to Organization Studies and SAGE online

[only for active EGOS members]

Beforehand, please note:

  • To access Organization Studies (OS) online, you have to be first a so-called "active" EGOS member, i.e. you must have paid your membership fee!

  • You can then access OS online by logging in to your MyEGOS with your EGOS member number or email address + your password, and then selecting "ACCESS to Organization Studies and SAGE online" from the MyEGOS menu.

  • If you have not yet paid your EGOS membership and would like to do this in MyEGOS (logged in), please click here.

Can't see links to Organization Studies or to SAGE Full-Text Collection on this page above?

If so, then you probably do not have full EGOS membership. Please go to MyEGOS and check your status or contact the EGOS Executive Secretariat if you continue to encounter difficulties.