Opening Ceremony


Nancy J. Adler

S. Bronfman Chair in Management
McGill University, Canada



Nancy Adler conducts research and consults on global leadership and cross-cultural management.

She has authored more than 125 articles, produced the films, "A Portable Life" and "Reinventing Our Legacy", published 10 books and edited volumes, including "From Boston to Beijing: Managing with a Worldview", "Women in Management Worldwide", "Leadership Insight" and "Competitive Frontiers: Women Managers in a Global Economy".

Nancy is also a visual artist working primarily in water-based media. 



Linda Rouleau

Program Chair, EGOS 2013
HEC Montréal, Canada



Linda Rouleau is Professor of Strategic Management at HEC Montréal and Program Chair of the 29th EGOS Colloquium in Montréal.




Philippe d'Iribarne

Director of the Conseil National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France



Philippe d'Iribarne is the author of 13 books including his most famous work, The Logic of Honor, that examined the worlds of French, American and Dutch management. In his recent volume, "Managing Corporate Values in Diverse National Cultures", he explores how a multinational firm adapts its organizational culture to the national cultures of China, the United States and Jordan. Philippe d'Iribarne uses a distinctive in-depth ethnographic approach in his research to develop a rich understanding of cultural dynamics in organizations.