EGOS Workshop on the Art of Academic Reviewing

Academic writing and publishing have received a great deal of attention in recent years, but this is not the case with reviewing for academic journals. This is unfortunate since reviewing is an essential element in research and publication processes in social sciences in general and in organization studies in particular. Reviewers acts as referees and gatekeepers, and frequently determine the outcome of decision processes. Moreover, reviewers often play a crucial role in developing theoretical ideas and improving empirical analyses. Acting as a reviewer is a key part of being part of a scholarly community and network of colleagues. It involves opportunities to influence scientific discussions and their future directions, but also obligations and responsibilities in terms of quality control, fairness, and ability to see the potential in new ideas.


For the second time, EGOS provides a pre-conference workshop that focuses on the practice of academic reviewing on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009, from 9.00am-12.00pm. This workshop is primarily intended for scholars in post-doc or more advanced stages of their scholars. The workshop consists of two parts: focused presentations of journal editors and leading scholars, and group discussions on specific topics. This workshop ends with a working lunch.


Professor Eero Vaara ( and Professor David Wilson ( act as coordinators of this workshop, and will be happy to provide additional information on the workshop plans. We are fortunate to have Professor Joep Cornelissen (Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Management Studies), Professor David Courpasson (Editor-in-Chief for Organization Studies), Professor Tomi Laamanen (Associate Editor for Strategic Management Journal), Professor Roy Suddaby (Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Review), Professor Tina Dacin (Associate Editor for Organization Science) and other key experts with us.


Scholars interested in this workshop are to sign up by sending an email to Angelika Zierer-Kuhnle ( by the extended deadline of May 17, 2009. This email should contain a brief description of one’s research interests and experience of reviewing for academic journals. We are planning to limit participation to about 30 people, so please act swiftly!