About EGOS

EGOS is a scholarly association which aims to further the theoretical and/or empirical advancement of knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate. As a collective, one of its main aims is to maintain and provide a voice for the critical and analytical approaches of its members to the study of organization worldwide.

Diversity and plurality

EGOS has its identity and intellectual roots in the social sciences. It encourages an analytical and theoretical approach towards organizations.

EGOS embraces diversity of all kinds including a pluralistic approach to understanding organizations from the perspective of the social sciences (such as sociology, social history, political science, psychology and anthropology) as well as the humanities (such as philosophy, discourse analysis, literary criticism and rhetoric).


Exploring research at the forefront of knowledge

EGOS emphasizes broad themes as well as issue-based research.
The association provides a forum for identifying and discussing key issues in organizational theory and practice. Critical refection on the most recent ideas and theoretical approaches is at the core of the association's activities.
EGOS, moreover, explicitly aims at supporting and training younger scholars by offering a stimulating intellectual environment and running well-attended PhD and post-doctoral workshops at the beginning of the annual EGOS Colloquium.


Why become a member?

You will become part of the largest European network of scholars interested in organization, organizing and the organized. In addition, EGOS has an active voice in many of the key policy debates about research across Europe. The association provides a forum for the collective voices of its members and supports the development of the younger generations of organizational scholars. EGOS represents its membership in broad areas such as research funding, research careers and European research policies.

Membership also provides access to EGOS' online services via the EGOS website, and all members have access to our journals Organization Studies and Organization Theory.
The EGOS community meets at its annual conference (= EGOS Colloquium) in July.



3,275 active EGOS members (July 5, 2023) represent 62 countries from all over the world!