Meet the Editor I–V

Thursday, July 7, 2011, 17:30–18:30


Meet the Editor – I

Organization, the Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society


Martin Parker, University of Warwick, and Robyn Thomas, University of Cardiff


Come and meet the two editors from Organization. We will talk about the sort of work that the journal has been publishing since 1994, and discuss the themes and issues we would like to cover in the future. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions about the suitability of your work for the journal.

Location: H-E45


Meet the Editor – II


Organization Studies (OS)

David Courpasson (Editor-in-Chief), EM-Lyon, France


The "Meet the Editor" session of OS is the occasion to share a glass of wine (or water) and discuss OS matters with the editorial team! Come also to see the pictures of our recent and future workshops!

Location: H-SEB-salen


Meet the Editor – III

Journal of Change Management (JCM)


"Creating a Community of Change Management Scholars"


Hosted by Rune Todnem By (Editor), Staffordshire University Business School, and other Editorial Board members (please visit for further information)


The revitalisation of Routledge's JCM offers a unique opportunity to create a home for the change community as a whole that transcends disciplinary barriers. A glance at the Editorial Board shows it comprises leading scholars from across the field.

Similarly, if one considers the articles which have appeared over the last couple of years, it can be seen that they come from a wide range of disciplines and interests.The challenge for all of us involved in the development of JCM is to seize the opportunity to engage with each other. Like all communities, if the change community is to prosper, we need a community centre where we can meet, discuss, debate and develop our common interests.

The JCM offers such a place and we would like to take the opportunity to invite everyone with an interest in change and its management to come around for further information and an informal chat.


Location: H-E43


Meet the Editor – IV



"New Institutionalism: Roots and Buds"


M@n@gement invites you to a swift debate on the roots and buds of New Institutionalism theory to enrich the "Meet the Editor" sessions of the EGOS Colloquium. This will mark the opening of a Call for Papers the journal has for a special issue.

After 35 years of intensive growth, New Institutionalism is still blossoming. Its "tools for the job" have become central in the organization theorist's repertoire. The appeal and power of its conceptual apparatus is such that researchers have applied it to a wide variety of questions, settings, and levels of analysis. One could fear such proliferation would bring confusion and dilution. However, we do believe that institutional theory still has much to address and that the questions it addresses are interesting and important ones. We are also pleased to see that root concepts such as logics are revisited, thus reigniting new institutionalism theory.

We will launch the debate with swift exchanges with Renate Meyer (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria), Patricia Thornton (Duke University, USA) and Peter Walgenbach (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany).

The conversation can then be extended during the meet the editors drinks offered by M@n@gement. The editors of M@n@gement will happily share a drink (and some thoughts about the journal and the Call for Papers) with you.

Content and Call for Papers:


Location: H-Volvosalen