Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) Community Day

Studying Grand Challenges through Practice-based Methods

Please note!
  • Given the global Covid-19 outbreak, the EGOS Colloquium 2020 will take place as a virtual conference. The pre-Colloquium SAP Community Day will be held as a virtual event as well (on July 1, 2020). Some adjustments will be made to the overall program of the day to fit the opportunities and challenges of a virtual workshop. However, the basic building blocks of the event will remain the same as described in the Call for Applications (methods section in the morning, paper development sessions in the afternoon). Due to the special circumstances, EGOS has announced that no or only a symbolic fee will be charged for participating in the virtual EGOS Colloquium 2020. We therefore also invite SAP scholars who have no accepted paper in the main Colloquium to apply to one or both parts of the (pre-Colloquium) SAP Community Day!

  • Accepted applicants for the virtual SAP Community Day have to e-mail a binding confirmation that they will attend this workshop to (1) its convenors and (2) cc'ed to the EGOS Executive Secretariat.

  • To participate in the SAP Community Day, the accepted applicants have (1) to pay the EGOS membership fee and (b) a "symbolic" Colloquium fee (for further information, please regularly check the EGOS website).

To view the “Call for Applications”, please click on the link below.

Convenors: Stefanie Habersang, Maximilian Heimstädt, Renate Kratochvil, Madalina Pop, Benjamin N. Scher