EGOS Sustainability Performance

As a European association, the EGOS Executive Board feels strongly committed to the goals set by the EU (as well as various national governments) to reduce its net carbon emissions by at least 55%, compared to 2019, until 2030 to confront the climate crisis (see the “Fit for 55” package to implement the “European Green Deal”). We know that achieving these goals is a challenge for our association, because the large bulk of our emissions stems from travel to/from the annual EGOS Colloquia.
For this reason, EGOS has started to measure the sustainability performance of its in-person Colloquia in 2019 and will continue to do so for its future Colloquia as a basis for developing and implementing a suitable emissions reductions strategy.


The 35th EGOS Colloquium 2019
in Edinburgh, for example, has emitted 2,193 tons of CO2 (please click on the link below for further details on the Edinburgh carbon emissions accounting). This is a massive 1 ton/person, or 20% of the average yearly emissions for Europeans!

The 38th EGOS Colloquium 2022 in Vienna has emitted 1,471 tons of CO2 (please click on the link below for further details on the Vienna carbon emissions accounting). This reduction can be attributed to a smaller number of participants overall and new virtual participation options.


Take-away insights

On average, 92% of the emissions of the EGOS Colloquia result from air travel. Thus, by avoiding flying altogether, or adjusting your flying behavior, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your conference activities – including those beyond EGOS – drastically. EGOS, conversely, is working on expanding online participation options. Please consider the following “Rules of Thumb” when making your travel arrangements as an in-person participant:

Rule of Thumb 1: “The worst train is always far better than the best aircraft.”
Night trains usually arrive in city centers before the first morning flight; please check:

Rule of Thumb 2: “A direct flight is always better than a connecting flight.”
If there is no direct flight, you most probably can combine with a connection by train.
Please see here for the EGOS by Train/Sailing EGOS initiatives organized by OS4Future.

Rule of Thumb 3: “If you have to take a plane, then consider which airline you book with.”
Google flight provides reliable CO2 estimates for flights.

Rule of Thumb 4: “Choose eco-friendly hotels.”
The local EGOS Colloquium organizers will provide you with a list of eco-friendly hotels.

General Information on Sustainability

Whether travelling to an EGOS Colloquium or participating in it from home, you can find via the link below some extra advice and general information from our sustainability consultant that you can consider.
Please feel free to share it with friends, colleagues, or family!