Post-Colloquium Workshop

"Picturing Qualitative Data": A Reflexive Photography Workshop

Hands-on workshop on using participant-led photographic interviewing in qualitative research projects

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Saturday, July 5, 2014, 13:00–16:00

Location: M-building, room M2-06

Workshop details

Participants will have the chance to act as both photo-interviewer and research participant during this hands-on workshop intended to surface the challenges and benefits of working with photographic methods in organizational research.

Participants should bring three printed photographs to the workshop that they have taken themselves, and that in some way represent the issues involved in managing personal "work-life balance". Photographs can be of anything, from any area of life – the only rule is that they have to ‘say’ something about how the participant manages the interface between work and non-work in their life. If participants take photographs of people, they should ask permission to do so.
During the session participants will take turns to interview each other about the images and the themes that emerge, to critically examine the power of images to act as "voices". We will also be thinking further about participants’ positive and negative experiences encountered in carrying out the task. We will consider the act of taking the photographs, the experience of interviewing with images, and the extent to which the photos add to the "traditional" qualitative research process. Various conceptual lenses on working with images in research will also be discussed as part of the workshop.


Value of the workshop

Visual methodologies are growing in popularity and there are now a range of publications appearing that present various techniques and tools for working with and analyzing visual data (cf., for example,

This workshop is intended to complement these developments by providing an opportunity to gain experiential understanding of one particular method – reflexive photography – facilitated by two experienced visual researchers.

It complements the sub-theme's 07 theme for 2014: "Visualizing Institutions and Knowledge".



Prof. Samantha Warren

University of Essex, UK


Samantha Warren has been working with reflexive photography and visual methodologies more broadly for 11 years, and has published several well-cited articles on the use of photography in organizational research. She is a founder of inVisio: The International Network for Visual Studies in Organizations, co-editor of the "Routledge Companion to Visual Organization", and has co-edited four journal special issues on the visual in business and management research.

Samantha is an experienced conference stream convenor (CMS, BAM) and was the 2010 SCOS conference organizer. 

Dr. Harriet Shortt

University of the West of England, UK


Harriet Shortt is an experienced visual researcher and is currently using photographic-methodologies to help private and public sector organizations manage their workspaces and organizational culture. She has recently completed a research project with a UK Government agency evaluating the success of their new sustainable building project.

Harriet is key member of inVisio: The International Network for Visual Studies in Organizations, and has written on the use of visual methods in both research and management education.

Scholars interested in this workshop

are to sign up by sending an email to Angelika Zierer


by June 14, 2014 at the very latest!


Please note!

Limited participation to 16 people – so please act swiftly!

This means: first in time, first in line!