In memoriam

The EGOS community is deeply saddened by the loss of Professor Dr.  Barbara Czarniawska, a cherished and long-standing EGOS Honorary Member, who passed away on 7th April 2024. Our thoughts are with her family and dear ones.

Statement from the EGOS Executive Board on the violence in the Middle East

With a heavy heart we are witnessing the horrors unfolding in the Middle East.

EGOS Colloquium in Bergamo/Italy, July 2026

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42nd EGOS Colloquium

Bergamo 2026

University of Bergamo, Italy

July 7–8, 2026: pre-Colloquium workshops/events
July 9–11, 2026: main Colloquium

43rd EGOS Colloquium

Liverpool 2027

University of Liverpool Management School, UK
July 6–7, 2027: pre-Colloquium workshops/events
July 8–10, 2027: main Colloquium

44th EGOS Colloquium

Winterthur 2028

 ZHAW School of Management and Law, Switzerland
July 4–5, 2028: pre-Colloquium workshops/events
July 6–8, 2028: main Colloquium