Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Sub-Plenaries at the 36th EGOS Colloquium 2020 will also take place virtually.

  • Parallel Sub-Plenary 1 (= Sub-Plenary 1-1 to 1-3): Thursday, July 2, 2020, 13:00–14:00 CEST

  • Parallel Sub-Plenary 2 (= Sub-Plenary 2-1 to 2-4): Friday, July 3, 2020, 13:00–14:00 CEST

Parallel Sub-Plenary 1

Thursday, July 2, 2020, 13:00–14:00 CEST

Sub-Plenary 1-1: Organizing the Global Refugee and Migration Movements: Protecting the Dispossessed and Promoting Solidarity
Organizer: Marianna Fotaki
Panelists: Theodore A. Khoury, Guilherme Azevedo, Yuliya Shymko, Samer Abdelnour
Sub-Plenary 1-2: Organizing Algorithm-driven Governance: Openness & New Forms of Closure
Organizers: Leonhard Dobusch, Thomas Gegenhuber
Panelists: Anne-Laure Fayard, Mikkel Flyverbom, Danielle M. Logue
Sub-Plenary 1-3: Where is Inequality in Organization Theory?
Organizers: John M. Amis, Kamal A. Munir
Panelists: Johanna Mair, Barbara L. Gray, Brooke Harrington


Parallel Sub-Plenary 2

Friday, July 3, 2020, 13:00–14:00

Sub-Plenary 2-1: Doing What Matters: Making Academic Lives More Meaningful
Organizers: Joel Bothello, Helen Etchanchu, Thomas Roulet
Panelists: Giuseppe Delmestri, Marie Laure Salles-Djelic, Garima Sharma
Sub-Plenary 2-2: Inclusive Organizing in the Anthropocene: From Sustainability to Circularity to Degrowth
Organizers: Steffen Böhm, Alison Stowell
Panelists: Andrea Brown, Karim Saagbul
Sub-Plenary 2-3: Grand Challenges and New Forms of Organizing
Organizers: Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich, Christopher Wickert
Panelists: Fabrizio Ferraro, Juliane Reinecke, Maja Göpel
Sub-Plenary 2-4: Fake News, Filter Bubbles and Tall Stories in a Post-Truth Era: Roles & Responsibilities of Intellectuals
Organizer: Yiannis Gabriel
Panelists: Barbara Czarniawska, Barbara Poggio, Mark de Rond