Getting to Vienna sustainably!

The latest in-person EGOS Colloquium in Edinburgh in 2019 has emitted 2,193 tons of CO2; please see the Edinburgh carbon accounting results here.
This is a massive 1 ton/person, or 20% of the average yearly emissions for Europeans.
The good news is: You can help reduce this drastically by avoiding flying!
93% of the emissions of the Edinburgh Colloquium resulted from air travel.
Thus, going to Vienna in summer 2022 by train rather than plane is all it takes to make our Colloquium sustainable.
Please consider the following ‘rules of thumb’ when making your travel arrangements:

Rule of thumb 1: “The worst train is always far better than the best aircraft.”
Night trains usually arrive in city centers before the first morning flight; please check

Rule of thumb 2: “A direct flight is always better than a connecting flight.”
If there is no direct flight, you most probably can combine with a connection by train.
Please see here for the “EGOS by Train 2022” initiative, organized by OS4Future.

Rule of thumb 3: “If you have to take a plane, then consider which airline you book with.”
Google flight provides reliable CO2 estimates for flights.

Rule of thumb 4: “Choose eco-friendly hotels.”
Please visit – and check there “ECO-FRIENDLY” or “ECO-CERTIFIED” hotels.

When in Vienna, you can further reduce your emissions by switching to vegan/vegetarian food. A meat-based menu emits 10 times more CO2 than a vegetarian one. This is the reason why EGOS-provided meals in Vienna are vegetarian.
More detailed sustainable travel to Vienna advices can be found here.