Registration and Visas

I have an accepted application in the pre-Colloquium PhD Workshop or in the pre-Colloquium Post-Doctoral & Early Career Scholars Workshop, and/or a accepted short paper in one of the seven hybrid sub-themes. I am confirmed as an online participant, but the TAN code I received does not work / I did not receive a TAN code. What should I do?

Please contact the Colloquium organizers to request a new TAN code: egos2022@wu.ac.at

I need a formal invitation letter to apply for a visa. Who should I contact?

The local Colloquium organizers in Vienna will gladly provide official invitation letters to participants via e-mail. Please send your request to egos2022@wu.ac.at and provide the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Current postal address and affiliation

  • Nationality

Is it necessary to pay the EGOS membership fee in addition to the Colloquium fee?

Yes. Only “active” EGOS members are entitled to participate in the 38th EGOS Colloquium 2022. Therefore, participants need to pay both the EGOS membership fee and the Colloquium fee. The EGOS membership has to be valid at the time the Colloquium (July 5–9, 2022) is taking place. This means that the EGOS membership must have been paid before registering for the Colloquium.
The EGOS membership fee and the Colloquium fee have to be paid separately.

How can I register for an EGOS membership?

To become an EGOS member, i.e. pay the EGOS membership fee, please:

  • Log in to the EGOS website with your email + your password.

  • MyEGOS: click “MyPayments”: a new window opens.

  • Click “EGOS Membership Application / Renewal” – and then follow the instructions given there.

How can I register for the Colloquium?

To register for the Colloquium 2022, i.e. paying the Colloquium fee, please:

  • Log in to the EGOS website with your email + your password.

  • MyEGOS, pink box at the top: click “Register for EGOS Colloquium Vienna 2022 here!”

  • A new window opens: please follow the instructions given there.

I am a convenor of a sub-theme. Do I need to register for the Colloquium?

Yes, convenors need to register for the EGOS Colloquium.

Why can’t I register for the EGOS Dinner?

Unfortunately, the tickets for the EGOS Dinner on Friday evening, July 8, are sold out. If you wish to join the dinner, please inquire at the registration desk if there are any cancellations. We will try our best to connect you with someone that has registered for the dinner, but can no longer make it.



Can I participate online in a standard (= non-hybrid) sub-theme?

Virtual/online participation is only possible in seven hybrid sub-themes; please see:
If you are not able to attend the Colloquium in person and have submitted your paper to a standard (= non-hybrid) sub-theme, please notify the convenor team of “your” sub-theme that you withdraw your paper.


Cancellation and Reimbursement

What are the conditions regarding cancellation and reimbursement?

Participants are entitled to cancel their attendance without stating reasons in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Cancellations up and until Tuesday, May 31, 2022 are refunded, minus EUR 45 administration fee.

  • Cancellations after Tuesday, May 31, 2022 are not refunded.

Cancellation declarations shall be sent via e-mail to: cancellation-egos2022@eventplan.at


Further Information

Are there any recommendations regarding hotels in Vienna?

Rooms for EGOS participants have been blocked at various hotels during the Colloquium period (July 4–9, 2022). The Vienna Local Organizing Committee has compiled a list of suggested hotels, along with information about the booking process: https://www.egos.org/2022_Vienna/Hotels_Accommodation
Please note that not all hotels have rooms blocked and rooms are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Are there any sightseeing tips for Vienna?

Please visit: https://www.egos.org/2022_Vienna/Useful-Information/Sightseeing-in-Vienna

Is there any information regarding public transport tickets in Vienna?

Please visit: https://www.egos.org/2022_Vienna/Useful-Information/Getting-around-in-Vienna