Statement from the EGOS Executive Board on the violence in the Middle East

With a heavy heart we are witnessing the horrors unfolding in the Middle East.

We wish to acknowledge the significant impact the loss of life in the Middle East is having on many within the EGOS community. The past weeks have been extremely difficult, especially for those in our community who live in the area, and whose friends and families are being directly affected by the terrorist acts and escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza and who are experiencing distress and grief. The EGOS community upholds the equal value of human life, regardless of nationality or religion. Our hope is that those in power will facilitate a permanent end of violence for a peaceful resolution.
The values of diversity and inclusion are at the core of EGOS. It saddens us to hear that many members of our community, whether Palestinian or Israeli, of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other faith, are not only distressed by the loss of family members, friends, colleagues, and students, but are also experiencing a sense of de-humanization and a fear of making themselves visible in their diverse identities and backgrounds – not just in public, but also within our own community and at their workplaces. Within our community, we cherish our differences and reject all forms of violence, discrimination, or harassment, and above all, we do not exclude anyone. Our shared values require us to treat each other with respect, tolerance, and kindness. Antisemitism and islamophobia, as all other types of national, racial, or religious vilification, have no place at EGOS and will not be tolerated.
The violence in Israel and Gaza has caused significant emotion within our community. However, we want to remind our members that while we appreciate the value of constructive debates in areas related to organization theory and research, we encourage a respectful exchange around the current situation in Israel and Gaza, even with colleagues who hold differing political views. We, therefore, call upon our community and all members to actively fight against the discrimination of scholars, to uphold academic freedom, to engage in dialogue in a dignified and respectful manner, and above all, maintain a sense of community that can provide a safety net for the profound suffering many EGOSians experience, with the goal to create more positive, tolerant, and just societies around the globe.

The EGOS Executive Board