CALL for Sub-plenary Proposals

The Organizing Committee of the 40th EGOS Colloquium 2024 is inviting proposals for sub-plenary sessions that will be held in Milan in July 2024 during the main Colloquium on “Crossroads for Organizations: Time, Space, and People”.

Sub-plenaries are 90-minute forums that focus on specific topics of interest to the general EGOS community. They are designed to stimulate dialogue and debate, foster reflexivity, and change, and promote collective engagement among EGOSians with different backgrounds, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. By focusing attention on important and timely issues, sub-plenaries aim to expand the frontiers of organizational research and move conversations forward. – All sub-plenaries will be streamed.

Submission of Sub-plenary Proposals

– as a word (docx) or pdf file, no longer than two pages (single-spaced) – have to comprise the following:

Executive Summary

Title, short description of the topic, and the proposed format of the sub-plenary session.

Sub-plenary Team

  • Name and contact details of the organizers, and a short bio of the chair and each of the panelists.

  • Please ensure that the composition of the team reflects the international nature and diversity of EGOS with respect to geographical background, gender, academic age, experience, and other dimensions.


  • Short description of the relevance and appeal of the topic to the EGOS community and the three most important takeaways or insights that the sub-plenary wishes to convey.

  • Whether and how the topic of the sub-plenary is positioned in relation to the overall Colloquium theme.

The typical format of a sub-plenary session includes 3 to 4 panelists (each having about 10–15 mins. to present), and then a moderated discussion between the panelists and the audience.

However, we are generally open to alternative ideas and organizing formats – for instance, those which incorporate the general Colloquium theme in the design (e.g., unexpected pairings of panelists or presentations which come together in unconventional ways).
It is not possible to extend the 90-minutes time slot, so please ensure that the proposed format fits accordingly.

Please note:

  • Submitting a sub-plenary proposal does not guarantee acceptance, as there is limited space.

  • The EGOS Colloquium 2024 Organizing Committee reserves the right to work with the chairs of sub-plenary sessions (e.g., regarding title, focus, composition of panel) to ensure that the various sub-plenary sessions are sufficiently distinct.

  • The EGOS Colloquium 2024 Organizing Committee cannot cover travel, accommodation, or any other costs for chairs and panelists, this means: all chairs and panelists must register as regular participants for this EGOS Colloquium.

Sub-plenary proposals

should be submitted via e-mail to the EGOS Colloquium 2024 Organizing Committee:
by Sunday, January 8, 2023, 23:59:59 CET.

For any further inquiries, please contact the EGOS Colloquium 2024 Organizing Committee at: